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Democratic accountability in the digital age: Proposal for a workshop from IT for Change and MKSS

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Position papers

IT for Change, in partnership with Mazdoor Kisan Shakti Sanghatan, is planning to organise a 2-day workshop in Delhi in November 2016, on Democratic accountability in the digital age -- from challenges for governability to a roadmap for governance'. The workshop intends to explore key concerns for participatory democracy in the current context marked by the rise of a 'new governance' paradigm, in which ‘governance by networks’ and ‘rule by data' have become predominant. In specific, it will bring together a group of interested actors to explore if and how a coalition can be built, to identify priority actions that are required on the following fronts:

  • Norm development for a digitalised public service delivery model that guarantees citizen rights.
  • Laws and protocols on data that cover privacy safeguards, transparency and accountability considerations (including open data practices), social ownership of data, regulation of the data economy.
  • Rules and protocols for participatory and deliberative democracy, including digital rights of citizens.
  • Reining in run-away ‘network governance’ through legal-institutional mechanisms that check anti-democratic practices of private and public actors.

The draft discussion paper has more details.

Draft background note for workshop on Democracy in Digital Age.pdf156.3 KB