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IT for Change Bulletin, October 2010

IT for Change Bulletin
October 2010 - Quarterly Bulletin

Check out our main activities from May 2010 to October 2010

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Journal of Community Informatics - Special Issue on Gender

'From a Public Internet to the Internet Mall'


ICT in education programmes

Evaluation of the Regional Resource Centre for Education

From the field

Photo Exhibition


Gender and IS Bulletin July 2010

Public Software News July 2010


Communications and Publications Associate and Assistant

Teachers Educators (Science and Mathematics) for Computer Aided Learning

Researcher - Gender

Coordinator for a project on ICTs for Open Government and Deepening Democracy

Research Associate - Governance, Social Policy and ICTs

Research Assistant - Governance, Social Policy and ICTs

Internship programme



International conference on 'Software in Public Sector with a focus on Public Education' (May 27-29, 2010, Kochi, Kerala)

Outputs of the Kochi Declaration on Public Software conference, jointly organised by the UNESCO/UN Solution Exchange ICTD unit and IT@School Project of the Government of Kerala in collaboration with IT for Change, can be read here.

Gender-IS-Citizenship workshop (July 27-30, 2010, Bengaluru, Karnataka)


IT for Change is the coordinator of the research network 'Gender and Citizenship in the Information Society'. The first meeting of this group was held in Bengaluru, gathering scholars and activists from Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Thailand, Hong Kong, Philippines, Bangladesh and India. Read more about their IDRC-funded research here.


IT for Change's presence at the 4th Internet Governance Forum (September 14-17, 2010, Vilnius, Lithuania)


IT for Change partnered with the Association for Progressive Communications, Centre for Internet and Society, Global Partners and Internet Rights and Principles Dynamic Coalition to hold a pre-event on “Internet Governance and Human Rights : Strategies for Collaboration and Empowerment” on September 13. Among others, the event was attended by Frank La Rue, UN's Special Rapporteur on freedom of expression. The event sought to frame Internet Governance issues in rights frameworks – civil and political rights as well as economic, social and cultural rights, along with the right to development.

IT for Change partnered with Internet Governance Caucus and Consumers International to hold a workshop on
'Transnational (or trans-border) enforcement of a new information order - Issues of rights and democracy'. Using a democracy-focused and rights-based lens, the workshop looked at the new and emerging global governance issues and imperatives brought forth by the Internet phenomenon, addressing as well the consequently produced communication and information order. Find details about the workshop here

Find detailed information about IT for Change's presence at the Internet Governance Forum in this note.

Training in Computer Aided Learning in Karnataka

Following the successful Kerala model of computer aided learning programmes in schools, many organisations, including IT for Change with the support of Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan (SSA) and R.V. College of Engineering (RVCE), trained approximately 150 teacher educators from government institutions as State Master Trainers on Computer Aided Education tools (Mathematics, English language and Geography). Read more.

Launching of the Teachers' Communities of Learning programme (Bengaluru, Karnataka)

The Teachers' Communities of Learning (TCOL) project was started in selected government schools. Around 40 teachers were present at the launching workshop organised by IT for Change, where the many uses of ICT in education were exposed, such as collaborative curriculum design and development, and network-building for teachers' professional development). Read more on ITfC's website and on the TCOL's web portal.




Workshop and intervention at IDRC event (May 5, 2010, Ottawa, Canada)

In May 2010, Anita Gurumurthy and Parminder Jeet Singh participated in a workshop on Open Development and provided critical perspectives on how Open Development, when posited as a new macro model of development, can be problematic. This critique was based on our paper 'Open but not Public - Membership in the Information Society as a Club Good', a draft of which is available here. Anita Gurumurthy was also a panelist for a IDRC-sponsored public event on 'The potential of open development for Canada and abroad'. Check the video and audio recording here.

IT for Change's lectures at the 5th Summer School on Philosophy for the Social Sciences and Humanities (July 9, 2010, Manipal University, Karnataka)

Anita Gurumurthy's lecture 'Fat-free ice cream, alcohol-free beer and feminism without women? - How to make sense of the gender discourse in information society?' brought a gender perspective to the analysis of information society. Parminder Jeet Singh talked about 'Political action in the brave new digital world', debating on appropriate political systems for the specific needs of an emerging information society.


CeTIT 2010: Citizen's Empowerment through Information Technology (July 27-28, 2010, Chennai, Tamil Nadu)


Gurumurthy K spoke about 'Public Software for Public Institutions - Rethinking e-Governance' at the second conference-cum-exhibition on e-Governance organised by the Federation of Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI), the Department of Information and Technology of the Government of Tamil Nadu, Electronics Corporation of Tamil Nadu Limited (ELCOT) and Tamil Nadu eGovernance Agency (TneGA). Read more.

National seminar on 'Education, State and Globalisation: Issues and Challenges' (March 5-6, 2010, University of Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh)

Gurumurthy K spoke on 'Globalisation and challenges to contemporary educational systems -  Role of ICTs'. Click here to read the presentation.

OpenNet Initiative Global Summit: 'Should Cyberspace be Secured as an Open Commons?' (June 30, 2010, Ottawa, Canada)


Gurumurthy K participated in the summit as part of the panel on 'What is to be done? A conversation with the OpenNet Initiative's global partners'. The highlights of his submission can be found here.

United Nations Solution Exchange's Knowledge building workshop (June 19, 2010, United Theological College, Bengaluru, Karnataka)

The workshop, organised by the Karnataka community of the United National Solution Exchange, focused on the sharing of knowledge, experiences and perspectives among the Community of Practitioners to foster greater synergy and congruence. Gurumurthy K spoke about the necessity to support the 'free and open sharing' of knowledge to meet the goals of development. Read more.

Regional Internet Governance Forum (June 17-18, 2010, Hong Kong, China)

Parminder Jeet Singh attended the Regional Internet Governance Forum where, as a panelist for the session on 'Role of civil society in Internet Governance', he spoke about the nature of the new policy field of Internet Governance as a unique one in many ways. He further commented on the role of civil society as increasing the participation of marginalised sections in this important policy area. The transcript of the session can be accessed here.






IT for Change as guest editor of the Journal of Community Informatics

IT for Change was invited by the Journal of Community Informatics to guest-edit a special issue on gender and community informatics, which presents articles from various countries across the world and discusses how information and communication technology have a transformatory impact on gender relations. Please read the journal here.

'From a Public Internet to the Internet Mall'

Parminder Jeet Singh writes about the future of the Internet after the recent agreements between telecom companies and specific websites (e.g. Google and Verizon in the US or Facebook and Airtel in India), which challenge the principle of net neutrality. Download the article here.



ICT in education programmes (Yadgir, Karnataka)


IT for Change carried out a study on the computer, radio and satellite/TV-based programmes in government schools. The research showed that the central design of such strategies weakened their potentially positive outcomes by impeding real ownership of teachers and schools. ICT educational tools have immense potential in supporting learning and enabling collaboration amongst teachers, provided that they focus on local contexts and are driven by clear educational perspectives.


Evaluation of the Regional Resource Centre for Education


IT for Change completed a research about the University-School Resource Network (USRN), a joint programme of Delhi University and Jawaharlal Nehru University, which aims to build networks of teachers from both government and private schools, as well as from teacher education institutions in Delhi. The project hopes to present an alternative to the traditional top-down in-service teacher training programmes. Visit the web portal.








Photo Exhibition: Empowering Adolescent Girls in Rural Villages (May 31-June 1 and June 7-8, 2010, Mysore district, Karnataka)

A two-day exhibition was organised in the villages Hosavaranchi (on June 7-8) and Attiguppe (May 1-June 1) to showcase to the community the learning of adolescent girls who participate in the 'Kishori Chitrapata' (Images by Adolescent Girls) Project, a collaborative intervention of IT for Change, 'Mahila Samakhya' Karnataka, a women's empowerment intervention of the Government of India, and UNICEF. The project aims to empower them through information and communication technologies like videos, audio recorders, digital camera and computers. Read more here.





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