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Public Software Bulletin, June 2011


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Public Education Software News Vol.1 No.1                           June 2011
with support from UNESCO

Update from the Public Software Centre
Subject Teacher Forums in High Schools
Public Software in Higher Education
Knowledge Management and Knowledge Networking

Testimonial from Public Software users


National Policy on ICTs in School Education
Animation training for school children using FOSS in Kerala
List of educational institutions using FOSS in India

Resource of the month: Learning fractions



Subject Teacher Forums in High Schools - Rashtriya Madhyamik Shiksha Abhiyaan (RMSA), Karnataka along with the Public Software Centre (PSC), IT for Change, is organising Subject Teacher Forums in Mathematics, Science and Social Sciences in four divisions across Karnataka. Capacity building for High school teachers as a part of this program will include not only computer literacy but also training on how to integrate ICTs into regular teaching-learning practises and create networks for professional development. Workshops on Mathematics, Science and Social Sciences will be conducted through June and July to create Master Trainers who, once comfortable themselves, will train other teachers in their block in a cascading manner.
See for details.

Public Software in Higher Education PSC is engaging with Department of Technical Education (DTE), Government of Karnataka to help them in the process of shifting to public software along with revising their syllabus to include public software educational tools.

This project has two broad objectives:

  1. Build digital literacy in faculty members in colleges in institutions affiliated to DTE across Karnataka (500 institutions) and provide a foundation for continued digital literacy and capabilities through a 'community of learners'

  2. Work with identified faculty members in all disciplines covered by DTE to create digital resources in public software applications like QCAD, Blender, KTECHLab, and Geogebra in English and Kannada, linking it to the revised syllabus. We are training them to create spoken tutorials which may be uploaded onto the website of the National Mission for Education through ICT. This Spoken tutorial project is supported by the NMEICT, which is a MHRD program to promote ICTs in education.

See for details.

Knowledge Management and Knowledge Networking - The Concerned for Working Children (CWC), Bengaluru, is the latest partner of the Public Software Centre. PSC will be supporting CWC in their public software migration process. Currently PSC is supporting Communication for Development and Learning (CDL) to learn Drupal public software for maintaining their website. PSC is looking at working with other public institutions to create a network of development sector practitioners using and sharing public software and other resources for their Knowledge Management and Knowledge Networking needs. Organisations who wish to adopt public software can download a note on the use of public software, which includes a template for a policy. Click here.


National Policy on ICTs in School Education - On behalf of eminent educationists across the country, IT for Change submitted a letter on the third policy draft to Ms. Anshu Vaish (Secretary, Department of School Education and Literacy, MHRD). ITfC also submitted detailed in-line comments on the draft. The letter addressed the third draft from the viewpoint of a constructivist framework of learning. It pointed out that ICTs are educational resources; and thus, should be used in a free, open and non-proprietary way, not one that is vendor-driven. This is essential to the policy's emphasis on collaborative co­construction of content. Click here to read the letter.

Animation training for school children using FOSS in Kerala - The IT@Schools project in Kerala will provide training in animation skills using free and open source software such as Ktoon, GIMP and Audacity. At least 700 school children are expected to receive training under this program. Read more.

List of educational institutions using FOSS in India - A list of 74 colleges with an active FOSS community and users of GNU/Linux has been compiled by Narendra Sisodaya on his blog. Click here to view the list, and to add an institution.


All our staff members and D.Ed students have shifted to Ubuntu, and are happy and comfortable using it. They have not faced much difficulty in editing in Kannada or English. The educational kit in Ubuntu is very useful to our D.Ed students in enriching their knowledge, and also helpful for them when they practice teaching.”

- Rekha Naik and Savita Naik, Lecturers, DIET Kumta

                                                                                                                                    Read the complete testimonial.


    Equivalent fractions This Khan academy video provides a simple and clear primer to the concept of equivalent fractions. The video can be downloaded for offline viewing under a Creative Commons License. The website also contains thousands of other freely available educational videos. Click here to download the video.

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