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Ranjani Ranganathan

Deputy Director

Ranjani has been with IT for Change since April 2011 and has been involved very closely in the design, development and implementation of several education programmes of IT for Change. She has provided leadership to various programmes including the Karnataka in-service teacher training programmes of Karmataka Subject Teacher Forum, Karnatata Open Educational Resources, Telengana Teacher Training Programme and the creation of educational resources in collaboration with IIT Mumbai under the NMEICT programme.  Ranjani has conceptualized and is leading a programme for building a Teachers' Community of Learning across select schools in Bangalore South.  She has also co-designed and delivered a course in ICT integration for the B.Ed course in Vijaya College and has co-authored the ICT Mediation Handbook and Source Book for the revised D.Ed curriculum in Karnataka.  Ranjani is also on the committee for the drafting of the National ICT curriculum, constituted by the NCERT.

Ranjani was earlier a high school Physics and Mathematics teacher in The Valley School besides being a group teacher at the junior school level.  During her years at The Valley School, she was also involved with the Kaigal Education and Environment programme in various roles including teacher training (for the schools in tribal villages), development of materials and the establishment of the Self Help Groups in the villages.  Prior to joining the Valley School, Ranjani worked as a Montessori Teacher in Raritan Valley Montessori School, New Jersey.  Ranjani is a founder member of The Learning Network and has been involved in the building of a network for educators across India and has been an editor of Revive, an annual publication of The Learning Network.

Before moving fulltime to work in education, Ranjani was working in the corporate sector for several years as an Operations Manager in Bristol Myers Squibb and as a Manager in the investment banking division of the Industrial Development Bank of India.

She has completed her Masters in Management Studies from Birla Institute of Technology and Science and MBA from Drexel University, Philadelphia. She has also completed a training programme from the Montessori Teacher Training Institute of NJ and currently holds an AMS Montessori credential.