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Teachers' Community of Learning (TCOL)

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Project Frameworks

TfC is working on piloting ICT integration in school processes (teaching-learning and school leadership) with individual schools through the Teachers' Community of Learning programme.

The TCoL pilot aims to demonstrate the possibilities of ICT integration in government schools thus providing a model for adoption across the public system. This programme is being implemented in urban government high schools. The urban context can be more challenging for teachers, since the students usually come from severely marginalised socio-economic backgrounds with little or no support from home/parents for their education. The programme attempts to support teacher professional development by introducing teachers to a variety of digital methods and processes, helping them build their skills in integrating ICTs for their professional development.

Besides strengthening teacher capabilities, the project also supports the teachers in the design, planning and implementation of school-wide projects that would make interdisciplinary learning possible. Some examples of these projects include vegetation mapping, mapping of local institutions, GIS mapping, mapping the neighbourhood, family map information, ICT integrated science exhitions and demonstrations. Teachers are learning to integrate ICTs in these projects to support richer learning experiences for their students. Use of the internet to access secondary information, GIS mapping on virtual map platform such as openstreetmaps along with mapping on large sheets, using video cameras to create digital stories of local community interactions, use of simulations to explain a physical experiment etc. are some examples of how teachers are creating new learning possibilities for students and themselves using ICTs

The TCOL project covers all high schools in the Bangalore South 3 block. The aim of selecting an entire block is to better integrate the programme into the education system's mainstream curricular and pedagogical processes, working through academic support structures (DSERT, DIET and BRC) and administrative structures (RMSA, BEO), that govern the school.The project has two tracks - building a community of practitioners at the block level, and a second intensive school level programme for select schools.

We expect that the participation of the DIET, BRC and BEO staff will enable greater integration of the project activities into the regular school and teacher training processes. Over the three year project period, we expect to demonstrate school based models for exploring ICT integration in the context of government schools. An intervention at a block level allows the possibility of the block to emerge as a pilot for integrating ICTs in school processes and building linkages within schools, across schools, amongst teachers and with school administration for better curricular outcomes.