Volunteering at IT for Change

Become a volunteer !

As a part of our communication strategy, we always welcome volunteers for regular or one-off tasks. If you are interested in volunteering with us, please contact us at ITfC@ITforChange.net. Here are examples of projects you could be part of as a volunteer:

  • Organisation of the library

    • list the books/publications (and number if applicable)
    • design a classification system (possibly spreadsheet)
  • Event management

    • coordination, help and participation in schools ICT programmes (mostly on Saturdays), in workshops, etc.
  • Design volunteers

    • deliver designs and concepts for posters, flyers,¬†brochures and banner
  • Translation

    • Kannada/English translation of training modules (4-5 weekly training modules)
  • Website development and web updates

    • for developing IT for Change's website, help in initial content upload on social networking sites


Intern with us

IT for Change Internship Programme is open for students enrolled in a graduate programme in the areas of Social Sciences, Development Studies, Education, Gender, ICTs and Communications. Eligible candidates interested in joining us as interns can send their CV, followed by a proposal to the Communications Team. The proposal must include the following information:

  • Period of internship (from 1 to 6 months);
  • Work time;
  • How this internship will match your needs as a student;
  • What do you bring to the organisation in terms of skills, interests, etc;
  • Suggestions of possible activities to be done at IT for Change.

The objectives of the Internship Programme are:

  • To expose students to a research-based professional environment focused on use of information and communication technologies (ICTs) to promote progressive socio-economic change in the global South, with emphasis on equity and social justice.
  • To develop communications solutions suitable for development projects.
  • To provide ITfC team the assistance of qualified students.
  • To contribute to strengthen the ICT for Development network by encouraging and supporting students to engage in this field.

Possible Scopes:
We expect your proposal to be connected to one or more programmatic areas covered by IT for Change . You can also be associated with the Communication Team, which crosscuttingly works in all these areas. Your proposal will be analysed by our team, who will give you a feedback individually.

To Apply:
Please send your proposal and CV to IT for Change.