ICT and Education

Advocacy - OER in education


A free and open technology environment* is essential to support participation and shared ownership, pre-requisites for a democratic and equitable information society. ITfC has consistently advocated with public institutions, including governments, academic institutions and civil society…

Advocacy - Public Software in Public Education


It is recognised that a strong public education system is indispensable for universal education of an equitable quality. In the absence of public education, there can be no 'right to education'.

In the same manner, 'public software' - software that is freely available to all (Free and…

Advocacy - Public Private Partnership in school education


MHRD released a draft note on 'Public Private Partnership in school education' in October 2009.

The note made several assumptions about the inherent superiority of the private sector, and seemed to suggest that government school system has not worked and private schools are a systemic…

Rajasthan Government procurement of proprietary software in their Tender document for purchase of laptops


The Government of Rajasthan floated a tender for the purchase of 112,000 laptops in January 2013. In their bid document they have specifically asked for proprietary software to be provided by the vendor. IT for Change worked with the network of educationists across India, to write a letter to…

Advocacy - National policy on ICTs in school education - 2008-2012


2008 - National Policy on ICT in School Education - first draft

In January 2008, the Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD) released a draft National policy on ICTs in school education. This policy, drafted by a committee that included big businesses interested in the 'ICT in…