The Centre for Education and Technology in IT for Change seeks to leverage digital technologies to build models for participatory and emancipatory teacher education and school education. The Centre designs and implements, in partnership with public education institutions and systems, field projects that integrate digital technologies for connecting, creating, collaborating and learning. Supporting teacher professional development, strengthening institutional capabilities and democratizing knowledge creation, through a free and open technology environment are key dimensions of our field work. In our research work, one focus area has been the building of collaborative OER models based on professional learning communities of teachers in the public education system.

Our practice and our research inform our inputs to national and state curriculum programs on curriculum design, and the blended courses we offer for teachers and teacher educators. Our work also support our vigorous advocacy efforts with governments, public institutions and civil society on the necessity and possibilities of making empowering and democratising choices of technology in education. We critique dominant models that privatize education through outsourcing, or centralize authority and control with education bureaucracies and transnational technology vendors, these deny possibilities for teacher agency and school autonomy.


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Ranjani Ranganathan was a member of the core group for the design of the National ICT curriculum, 2013 of Central Institute of Education Technology (CIET), NCERT. The …

Prof. Rajaram Sharma keynote address at the inauguration of  ‘Technology integrated learning’ course for the students and teachers of B.Ed. program
Centre for Education and Technology, IT for Change has launched a “Technology integrated learning” course for B.Ed. students and faculty, at Vijaya Teachers College, Bengaluru. This is the first B.Ed. course based on the…
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As a part of the “Research on Open Educational Resources for Development” project, ITfC conducted an action research on a collaborative OER adoption project in Karnataka. In phase 2 of this project, ITfC will study OER use by teachers and develop a toolkit for…

Andhra Pradesh OER Portal November 9, 2016
A free and open technology environment* is essential to support participation and shared ownership, pre-requisites for a democratic and equitable information society. ITfC has consistently advocated with public institutions, including governments, academic institutions and civil society…

Kumarswamy on language learning