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Govt schools for community, not CSR

Recently, there was a news item about a corporate social responsibility (CSR) organisation adopting 16 government schools in Haryana. Adoption signifies the taking over of caregiving of a child who has no parent or guardian. It suggests inability of or abandonment by the primary caregiver.

Some Education Leadership and Management (ELM) reflections

on the send-off of Sri Jayakumar, Director DSERT at Kaveri Hall, on April 11, 2016.

- Gurumurthy K1

District ranking based on SSLC results – a zero sum game

This is an analysis of the process of "district ranking" of the SSLC results and what needs to be done with the results for improving educational outcomes.

A shorter version of this article was carried by Deccan Herald, May 22, 2015.


Using computers to teach English

Article "Tech know" -  SANJAY GUPTA and  PRIYA VISWANATH.  source -

Good idea.... bad design???


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