As an organisation located at the unique intersection of development justice and digital rights, IT for Change convenes forums that serve various purposes – promoting dialogue, exchanging knowledge, building research community, providing training, educating the wider community and sharpening advocacy frameworks.

Course launch

IT for Change launches a blended course on “Technology Integrated Learning” in collaboration with Vijaya Teachers College. Registration open for Bengaluru based teacher educators. Learn more...


This presentation was part of the panel discussion on globalised media and ICT systems and structures and their interrelationship with fundamentalism and militarism organised by Isis International-Manila during the 2004 World Social Forum (Mumbai, India). The author contends that the global economy supported by ICTs stands upon the intersection of…

IT for Change, in collaboration with Mahiti and the Public Affairs Centre, organised a workshop on 'Advocacy in the Internet age – Exploring ways forward for the civil society' held on 27-30 January 2001 in Bengaluru (India).

The aim of the workshop was to organise an interactive forum of South Asian civil society…

In November 2015, IT for Change submitted a position paper on critical concerns for women farmers' rights in the digital age to MAKAAM's meeting to deepen its Charter of Demands for Women Farmers. This note discusses 2 aspects of this shift pertinent to women farmers:

'E-agriculture' initiatives New challenges to women's citizenship arising…

The International Girls in ICT Day was organised by International Telecommunication Union (ITU) in Bangkok, in collaboration with UN Women and Intel, on 23 April, 2015. Ms. Anupama Suresh represented IT for Change at the event and shared her experiences of the project Making Women’s Voices and Votes Count. In her presentation, Anupama shared…

IT for Change engaged with Department of Technical Education (DTE), Government of Karnataka to help them in the process of shifting to public software along with revising their syllabus to include public software educational tools. This project had two broad objectives:

Build digital literacy in faculty members in institutions…

Gender and e-violence

IT for Change will organise a national seminar on gender and online violence in November 2017 with TISS, Mumbai. Coming soon - Call for abstracts.


Parminder Jeet Singh at the Centre for Policy Studies, Indian Institute of Technology Bombay.

Parminder Jeet Singh's delivers a talk on 'Digital Data - The New Raw Material in the Globalising Economy' at the Centre for Policy Studies, Indian Institute of Technology Bombay. SHOW MORE