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The Supreme Court of India is in the midst of a heated debate for the need of a constitutionally recognized, explicit right to privacy.

On June 28, 2017 Anita Gurumurthy joined Nicole Shephard on a tweetchat about the impact of Big Data on gender and women’s rights.

Human discretion is being replaced by algorithmic decision making, and machines are now determining social outcomes.

In the article Digital Trade Games, Parminder Jeet Singh discusses the implications of e-c

This is an article about the Aadhar Act and how to poses a risk to citizens' right to privacy in India.

This article examines the new concerns for privacy emerging in the age of data-based governance, using the UID/Aadhaar scheme in India as a case in point.

The article critically examines US government's withdrawal from direct oversight over ICANN, and argues that the jurisdictional controls over ICANN that the US retains means that ICANN can hardly be said to have become independent of the US state.

The article explores how the idea of substantive equality– a compass for human rights and the key to gender justice – must be interpreted anew as the force of digital technologies complicates the temporal-spatial nature of social relations and institutions.

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