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The digital paradigm with its arsenal of technologies promises to solve the most pressing social and economic challenges of our time.

The recent proposal of the Karnataka government to open English medium sections in 1,000 primary schools has attracted criticism.

The gagging of free speech and its direct fallout in the form of self-censorship are slowly but steadily moving from being exceptions to becoming the norm in India.

The criminal legal system is built on a hierarchy of offences. This is evident from the punishment accorded to different crimes which range from the death penalty to a fine.

Current trajectories of the network-data complex relying on corporate partnerships cast data and intelligence as purely market goods.

MC11 e-com battlelines drawn across three camps' gives an overview of the various positions countries have adopted on e-commerce and trade, and likely to p

In the light of Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) releasing recommendations on Net Neutrality, this article by Anita Gurumuthy discusse

The nine-judge bench of India’s Supreme Court has just ruled that “privacy is intrinsic to freedom of life and personal liberty” guaranteed in