Namma Mahiti Kendra (Our information centres)

Prakriye's information centre strategy has focused on partnering with women’s collectives to build vibrant civic-public spaces.From operating 2 ICT-enabled centres covering 10 villages in 2005, we have grown to 7 information centres covering 40 villages of Hunsur and H.D.Kote blocks of Mysuru. Each information centre caters to four to five villages in its area, and is engaged in public information outreach, providing assistance to members of marginalised socio-economic groups in filing entitlement applications, and citizenship education. Young women information intermediaries, recruited from the local community and trained by the Prakriye field team, manage the everyday operations of the centres. The information intermediaries deploy a range of techno-social strategies in their work – mobile phone-based informational networking through an Open Source Interactive Voice Response (IVR), participatory informational video production, digital Management Information System (MIS) tracking and video-based peer learning methods. A film on our infocentres.

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