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IT for Change's Input on e-Governance for UNDP Development Report (2013-18)

IT for Change
Input Papers

IT for Change was asked to provide inputs in the area of e-governance and ICTD to UNDP as it was developing its plan for the programming period of 2013-18.


ICTs for empowerment and social transformation - A note prepared by IT for Change for ActionAid International

IT for Change
Position papers

In May, 2013 IT for Change was approached by the global NGO Action Aid to generate think pieces on the subject of the role of ICTs in development.


Key Findings from the CITIGEN Programme

Anita Gurumurthy and Nandini Chami
Research Papers and Reports

This is a summary report from IT for Change, presenting the key research insights arising out of the 5 research projects and 6 think-pieces commissioned as part of the CITIGEN programme.



A false consensus is broken - Op-Ed, The Hindu - 21 Dec 2012

Parminder Jeet Singh
Media Articles

Link to the article here.

An analysis of outcomes of International Telecommunication Union’s World...


Transforming Teacher Education with Public Software

Education team
Project Frameworks

With support from United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) we made a film titled 'Transforming Teacher Education with Public Software' to convey the core principles of our intervention in the STF. The main idea behind the film is to...


Using digital tools to animate the classroom

Bindu Thirumalai
Media Articles

ICT tools, when used effectively in schools, gives opportunities for the teachers to self-learn and build on their subject knowledge. Eventually it provides the students a new context for engaging with each of these subjects. Bindu Thirumalai, in her piece in The Hindu, explains how innovations...


i-cage for the education system

Gurumurthy Kasinathan
Media Articles

Digital platforms and tools can support widespread construction of learning resources. Since digital resources are ‘non-rivalrous', meaning sharing does not reduce their availability, teachers at a systemic level can locally create learning resources and share them...


India's proposal will help take the web out of U.S control

Parminder Jeet Singh
Media Articles

In the run up to the UN CSTD meeting in Geneva in May 2012, IT for Change ran a campaign for 'democratising global Internet governance'. This campaign ...


Public Software in Higher Education

IT for Change

Public Software Centre is engaging with Department of Technical Education (DTE), Government of Karnataka to help them in the process of shifting to public software along with revising their syllabus to include public software educational tools...


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