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Teacher’s Communities of Learning Project

A Cross National Teacher Training Exchange

On the 21st of July IT for Change organised an interaction for around 50 student-teachers from Netherlands and around 20 of their counterparts from Bangalore. These student-teachers from The Netherlands were part of Edukans Education Experience Program where students exchange information and knowledge with students abroad. The Indian students were from a teacher training institute called Nottredam.


TCoL at the bal mela in GMPS Puttenhalli

Last week, the TCoL team participated in the Bal Mela which was organised by American India Foundation (AIF) in GMPS Puttenhalli. This was our first major event with children as part of the TCoL project. We were excited but at the same time did not know what to expect and decided to go with the flow.

Till now, we are confident of how the teachers use technology and educational tools that we were training them on. We were sure that children would love them as well and at the event decided to start out with the crowd-puller KGeography. (KGeography is a free and open source educational tool which helps to learn location of capitals and states from countries all across the world. It is a fun interactive tool which presents questions in a quiz form.) Once we set up the projector and had all the computers in the lab running, the students were playing with the tool and trying to figure out the locations of the different states of India.


Teacher's Communities of Learning (TCoL) Workshop on Internet and Web-Portal (9th October, 2010)

The objectives of the Teachers Community of Learning (TCoL) programme is two-fold. The first objective is to create an on-line community of teachers to enable them to network, share resources, seek assistance and voice their opinions of education policy and day-to-day school transactions and eventually enable the teachers to see advantage in peer networking, break away from working in isolation and become active participants of the public education system. The second objective is to introduce the teachers to possible ways of effectively integrating ICTs in their regular classroom transactions to enhance the quality of the teaching learning process by helping make the lessons more engaging, active and connected to real life.


Teachers Community of Learning (TCoL): workshop of 8th - 9th September

8th September:

The first day of this TCoL workshop was held in GMPS Puttenahalli. It was a conscious move on our part to conduct this workshop in a school as we felt that teachers would be more comfortable and have more ownership over the space.

Session 1: Panel Discussion on “The Right to Education Act”

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