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About IT for Change

IT for Change (ITfC) is a NGO located in Bangalore, India, that works for an innovative and effective use of information and communication technologies (ICTs) to promote socio-economic change in the global South. Current Information Society and 'ICTs for development' (ICTD) approaches predominantly represent Northern realities and perspectives, tending to favour market-fundamentalist thinking and valorising technology per se. They fail to integrate fundamental ethical cornerstones of development like participation, social justice and equity.

IT for Change (ITfC) celebrates its 10th Anniversary today

We take this opportunity to thank our friends and colleagues who share our values and support our work on the innovative and effective use of information and communication technologies (ICTs) to promote socio-economic change in the global South. With significant local, national and global recognition, IT for Change is now enteri

State Level Training and Certification of Master Trainers in Computer Aided Learning

IT for Change with the support of Rashtriya Madhyamik Shiksha Abhiyan (RMSA), Policy Planning Unit (PPU) of the Education Department, Government of Karnataka and RV College of Engineering will train and certify about 120 government staff as 'Master Trainers' on Computer Aided Education tools.

Twitter, Facebook, Zoho, Blogging : how to?

July 1st Thursday afternoon, Thanks to Pablo, Most of us at ITfC learnt the amazing power of Social Media. Twitter was heard of but never used in this way. Understanding the positive aspect of Social Media was the main agenda of this session and I must say Pablo did complete justice to what he was communicating to us. We enjoyed every bit of this session.


Vacancy: Communication and Publications Officer

Vacancy: Communication and Publications Officer Location: Bangalore, India Last Date: 20th July 2010 Job Profile: The Communication and Publications Officer is responsible for designing and implementing ITfC's communication and publications strategy. The CPO will be expected to provide support to the research, advocacy and field teams in developing appropriate publication and dissemination materials addressing diverse audiences and to communicate with the constituencies critical to our work.


Welcome to IT for ChangeĀ“s Blog

*This is a temporary name that may be changed. Please give us your suggestions in the space dedicated to comments below. A new web space is open to integrate our team and partners' ideas and activities. It should be updated by you and me, any member of IT for Change community. To understand the reasons to create this new tool, please read Why a Blog?. This blog will be collectively constructed.


Why a Blog?

To reflect the dynamism of our activities, complementing the information available on ITfC's website; To express our team's voice, providing space to share opinions, impressions, articles, pictures, videos; To improve our communication within our team and with our close partners; To strengthen the ties between ITfC's research and field work components; To build a collective and multi-vocal communications product, using a friendly tool and simple language; To converge different perspectives on ICT and Development and encourage the debate; To experiment new languages and test communication
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