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Yogesh K.S. will attend the State of the Map(SOTM) Asia conference in Kathmandu, Nepal, between 23-24 September 2017. At the conference, he will be speaking about different methodologies of building  local language maps on the OpenStreetMap platform.


In this background paper, IT for Change maps the key issues/concerns for the rights and inclusion agenda, stemming from pervasive platformization. Scoping the platform economy from a development justice perspective, this paper outlines the many intersecting challenges that platforms pose for regulation and puts forth a…


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IT for Change was asked to comment on the Final Report of the Research Project 'Mediating Voices and Communicating Realities – Using Information Crowdsourcing Tools, Open Data Initiatives and Digital Media to Support and Protect the Vulnerable and Marginalised' by Evangelia Berdou, research fellow at IDS. The commentary…