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participatory development

ITfC at the World Social Forum

IT for Change attended the Forum Social Mondial 2015, in Tunis, Tunisia, primarily to co-organise a workshop on 'Organising an Internet Social Forum - A call to occupy the Internet' as an active member of the Just Net Coalition, a coalition championing a Just and equal Internet. This was immediately after the terrorist attacks that took place in Tunis on the 18th of March, so security was ubiquitous.


Opening up the Debate

The much anticipated conversation on Net Neutrality has finally gained momentum and it is indeed the time to celebrate as India's vibrant public sphere has done it again with over 3 lakh people sending out petitions and recommendations to TRAI. However, the debate now runs the danger of becoming an insular dialogue between the community of Internet users and Airtel.

Why are we not asking these questions of

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