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digital rights

Open Letter: Just Net Coalition asks Sir Tim Berners-Lee to veto EME recommendation

Swati Mehta
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Advocacy Statements

The Just Net Coalition (JNC) has sent an open letter to Sir Tim Berners-Lee, inventor of the Web, voicing its objection to World Wide Web Consortium's (W3C) official recommendation of Encrypted Media Extensions (EME). The use of EME, developed by W3C, poses a risk to billions of people's security and privacy, and restricts their access to information. EME's allow publishers to use Digital Rights Management/Digital Restrictions Management (DRM), a dangerous code installed on users' device without their consent. This in turn gives publishers control over what end-users do with their content.


Aadhaar Act: The digital rights of Indians are at the mercy of an act that is incomplete

Amrita Vasudevan and Anita Gurumurthy
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Media Articles
This is an article about the Aadhar Act and how to poses a risk to citizens' right to privacy in India.

Anita Gurumurthy at the IGF 2016 Main Session: Connecting Human Rights

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Anita Gurumurthy, Executive Director, IT for Change was a Panelist at the IGF 2016 Main Session, Connecting Human Rights - Emphasising Economic, Social and Cultural Rights for the Internet. In her intervention, she stressed the critical imperative to move beyond the binary of the online and offline, in our imaginary of rights. Human rights violations occur in the very real, hybrid interstices where embedded and embodied life meet the network.  Therefore,the idea of rights has to be re-calibrated to a different sociality in the digital age.

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