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IT for Change and IDRC are pleased to announce the results of our call for researchers for our project 'Policy frameworks for digital platforms - Moving from Openness to Inclusion'. We received a large number of highly competitive proposals for the call from several qualified applicants. A total of 62 proposals were…


IT for Change will announce the results of the open call for researchers for its project, Policy frameworks for digital platforms - Moving from openness to inclusion, on 23 September, 2017.

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IT for Change seeks to collaborate with researchers and scholars from seven sites in the global South (three in Asia, two in Africa, two in South America) and three in the global North (Europe and North America) for a research project, ‘Policy Frameworks for digital platforms-Moving from openness to inclusion’, supported by the International…


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Understanding platformization

Platformization is a key facet of the global economy today. Platforms, as understood through informational capitalism, are not just online market places – they are market makers. As “a set of digital frameworks for social and marketplace interactions” (Kenny & Zysman, 2016), platforms replace…


IT for Change participated in the National Consultation for reviewing the Zero draft of the Agreed Conclusions of the 61st Session of the CSW, convened by Programme on Women's Economic Social and Cultural Rights (PWESCR) in February 2017. The submission highlights the need to work towards the larger agenda of building a…


The idea of substantive equality needs rethinking digital forces create new ruptures in social relations and institutions.
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This document puts forth a research framework for ‘Policy Frameworks for Digital Platforms - Moving from Openness to Inclusion’. It outlines and clarifies the key concepts invoked in this project and offers a broad meta research framework for the project. This framework has been constructed ground-up from a synthesis of the research proposals…