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Prakriye - Centre for Community Informatics and Development

Photo Exhibition: empowering adolescent girls in rural villages

A two day photo exhibition was organised in the villages Hosavaranchi (on Jun 7-8) and Attiguppe (May 31-Jun 1), in Mysore district, to showcase to the community the learning of adolescent girls who participate in the 'Kishori Chitrapata' (Adolescent girls' expressions on the video screen) Project, a collaborative intervention of IT for Change, 'Mahila Samakhya' (Women of Equal Value) Karnataka, a women's empowerment intervention of the Government of India, and UNICEF.


A visit to the field – Experiencing the Kishori habba (Kishori festival)

Last Thursday, I went to visit one of the field projects with some of IT for Change's field workers. The Kishori Chitrapata (images by adolescent girls) project has now been running for eighteen months – its aim is to address the learning needs of out of school adolescent girls or kishoris. At the end of the technical part of the training, the team faced drop-outs and decided to meet every kishori to ask them why the energy levels had gone lower. From those video interviews, the idea of organising a festival came out, where the entire team from Mysore would be present and all girls and women would come dressed in sarees.


Editorial for The Journal of Community Informatics

Below is Anita's Editorial for the special issue on Gender of The Journal of Community Informatics: I came into this special issue of the Journal of Community Informatics as guest editor with the rather common sense hypothesis that the notion of 'community' as well as information and communication systems are unequivocally gendered.

Kelu Sakhi, 4th Anniversary Collective Listening, Mysore, 21 March 2011

My return to the city of Mysore after three years is fraught with some trepedition and much anticipation. In parallel to Bengaluru, Mysore has been experiencing the increasing presence of the IT industry which has brought with it changes in its cultural and social contours and I'm not sure what I feel about these shifts. As my colleague, Chloe, and I weave our path through the city in a rickety auto looking forward to our reason for being there, the collective listening of the 4th anniversary broadcast of the Kelu Sakhi programme of IT for Change, the new neon lights of the growing city glower all around.

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