Call for Abstracts: Paper Presentations on Gender-based Cyber Violence

IT for Change and Advanced Centre for Women’s Studies, Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai, announce a National Dialogue on Gender-based Cyber Violence. Existing public debate on this issue is marked by one-off reporting of a few cases in media and short-lived sensationalism. We sorely lack a systematic stock-taking of the phenomenon from a gender equality perspective. The national dialogue seeks to address this gap. It will explore the issue normatively, legally and empirically, bringing feminist conceptions of the digital to the table and attempt to articulate what freedom from violence means in relation to online spaces.

Towards this, the national dialogue seeks to trigger a vibrant, interdisciplinary dialogue among different actors – feminist scholars and researchers, women’s rights and sexuality rights activists, digital rights groups, disability rights groups, lawyers, and students from a range of disciplines: women’s studies, media and cultural studies, psychiatric social work, psychology, sociology, law, and so on. For more details, read the background note.

In addition to plenaries and main sessions featuring idea-leaders engaged in cutting-edge research and practice to address various aspects of gender-based cyber violence, the national dialogue also seeks to engage emerging researchers, early career practitioner-scholars, and post-graduate students from across the country, concerned about the issue.  

We invite 300-word abstracts for papers that speak to any of the following themes, which are elaborated in greater detail in the background note:

Theme 1: Feminism and the Internet: A critical inquiry

Theme 2: Re-casting the law: Framing legal responses to technology-mediated GBV from an equality and dignity standpoint

Theme 3: New institutions for a new age: Rethinking crisis support mechanisms for GBV in a digital age

Theme 4: Digital rights in the online public sphere: Building new norms for techno-material realities

Authors of selected abstracts will receive an opportunity to present their paper at the national dialogue. Boarding and lodging arrangements for the programme days will be taken care of by the organisers.

How to apply: Interested applicants may send their abstracts to the email id

Please circulate this call widely among your friends and networks.

Last date for abstract submission: 8 Dec 2017
Last date for paper submission (only for selected abstracts): 5 Jan 2018

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