Announcing a ‘National Consultation on Policy Response to Technology-Mediated Violence Against Women

IT for Change, in collaboration with the Advanced Centre for Women’s Studies,Tata Institute of Social Sciences,Mumbai, is organising a national consultation in early November 2017 on ‘policy response to technology-mediated violence against women’. Through this consultation we wish to have informed discussions and trigger a debate on this issue across different actors – feminist scholars and researchers, women’s rights organisations, feminist lawyers, gender and media activists, digital rights activists and students in Gender/ Women’s Studies and related disciplines.

The consultation will have plenary sessions where leading experts and scholar-practitioners in this area will discuss different dimensions of the issue. We will shortly announce an open call for the submission papers on the themes listed below, selected papers will be invited to be presented at panel discussions at the consultations.

Themes for the consultation:
a. Feminist emancipation and the Internet – a critical inquiry
b. New patriarchies and sexisms – the syntax and sub-text of gender-based violence in virtual
c. Reading back from the law – analysis of how legal interventions have shaped the discourse of technology-mediated violence against women
d. Legal-institutional mechanisms towards an ‘equality-and-dignity’ framework to tackle TMVAW
e. Working with law enforcement officials and judiciary – how can we strengthen their handling of
technology-mediated violence against women cases?
f. To regulate, or not to regulate – Setting the limits of online content filtering
g. Platform responsibility – What should be the role of social media and social networking
platforms in dealing with technology-mediated violence against women?
h. Changing online cultures – How can we transform online spaces?