Project Team

Anita Gurumurthy
Principal Researcher
Anita Gurumurthy is a founding member and executive director of IT for Change, where she leads research collaborations and projects in relation to the network society, with a focus on governance, democracy and gender justice. Her work reflects a keen interest in southern frameworks and the political economy of internet governance and data and surveillance.
Nandini Chami
Researcher, India Site
At IT for Change, Nandini is engaged in policy research in the areas of digital rights and development, and women's rights in the information society. She has supported the organisation’s advocacy efforts around the 2030 development agenda on issues of ‘data for development’, and digital technologies and gender justice.
Amrita Vasudevan
Researcher, India Site
At IT for Change, Amrita is engaged in policy research on e-VAW and the law, Internet-related public policy issues, and inclusive e-governance. She holds a Masters in Law from NALSAR University, Hyderabad, with a specialisation in intellectual property rights.