What is Nan Voice, Nan Choice?

Nan Voice, Nan Choice (My Voice, My Choice) is our flagship Kishori Community Radio Program. It aims to nurture adolescent girls (kishoris) who are resilient, adventurous, curious and ambitious explorers. Learning how to negotiate adolescent life, stand in solidarity with their peers and understand decision making helps kishoris better assert their identity.

Nan Voice, Nan Choice is built by and for kishoris to express their opinions about their rights, goals and desires the way they want to. The weekly, 30-minute Kannada broadcast will be anchored by kishori compères, with audio content such as vox pops, expert interviews, individual interviews, discussions, a word of the week, current affairs, audio plays and more.

Where and when will Nan Voice, Nan Choice air?

The show will air on Radio Active, Sarathi Jhalak, Namma Naadi and Ramana Dhwani – urban community radio stations catering to diverse and heterogeneous groups in Bengaluru – at 90.4 MHz. Starting December 12, 2020, the show will air every Saturday between 6:30 pm and 7:00 pm.

Where can I listen to the show if I miss it on the radio?

Every episode will be uploaded to this page, YouTube and SoundCloud after the broadcast.

Episode 1: December 12, 2020

Episode 11: February 20, 2021

Episode 12: February 27, 2021

Episode 13: March 06, 2021

Episode 14: March 13, 2021

Episode 15: March 20, 2021

Episode 16: March 27, 2021

Episode 17: April 3, 2021

Episode 18: April 10, 2021

Episode 19: April 17, 2021

Episode 20: April 24, 2021

Episode 21: May 1, 2021

Episode 22: May 8, 2021

Episode 23: May 15, 2021

Episode 24: May 22, 2021

Episode 25: May 29, 2021