Towards a Research Framework

In our background paper (IT for Change, 2017), we outlined the case for focussed research enquiry on the platformization of the global economy. We touched upon some broad social and economic fallouts of the phenomenon – market capture, the access-for-data regime, the discursive influence of platform monopolies and crystallization of exploitative economic arrangements. We argued the need for forward looking policy frameworks as platforms become ubiquitous, to ensure that economies of the future are inclusive and equitable.

In our research framework, we build on this discussion to put forth a research framework for ‘Policy Frameworks for Digital Platforms – Moving from Openness to Inclusion’. First, we outline and clarify a shared understanding of key concepts invoked in this project. Second, we offer a broad meta research framework for the project. This framework has been constructed ground-up from a synthesis of the research proposals from the network. It is intended to serve as the common basis upon which the different research projects will develop their respective research design.

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>>Submission to Intergovernmental Group of Experts on E-commerce and the Digital Economy

About the author : Anita Gurumurthy

Anita Gurumurthy is a founding member and executive director of IT for Change, where she leads research collaborations and projects in relation to the network society, with a focus on governance, democracy and gender justice.