• Data Policies: Regulatory Approaches for Data-Driven Platforms in the UK and EU

    Authors: Arne Hintz & Jessica Brand

    This report reviews how data collection and analysis on platforms is regulated and investigates recent trends and developments. It focuses on a particular jurisdiction – the United Kingdom (UK) – to offer a perspective on an advanced economy where platforms play a significant role in social and economic life.
  • Digitization and Domestic Work: The Policy Environment in the Philippines

    Authors: Liza Garcia, Teresita Barrameda, Jessamine Pacis & Arlen Sandino Barrameda

    This report maps the evolving digital policy landscape in the Philippines, particularly in relation to the startup ecosystem that constitutes a significant fraction of the platform economy in the country.
  • Peer to Peer Lending Platforms as Tools for Financial Inclusion in Uruguay

    Authors: Mercedes Aguirre & Sandra Garcia-Rivadulla

    This report traces the regulatory landscape of P2P lending platforms in Uruguay and other Latin American market to understand the gaps between the current regulatory framework and business practices in the rapidly advancing sector of fintech.
  • Making Travel Platforms Work for Indonesian Workers and Small Businesses

    Authors: Caitlin Bentley & Ilya Fadjar Maharika

    This report covers policy and practice in the tourism sector and Indonesia’s digital policy landscape and evaluates whether and how the current policy environment responds to the challenges introduced by travel platform policy in Indonesia.
  • Digital Platforms for Ride-Hailing and Food-Delivery Services in China

    Author: Yujie (Julie) Chen

    By examining case studies on digital platforms for ride-hailing and food-delivery services, this report aims to chart the digital policy landscape for the platform economy in China. It presents a review of two relevant categories of policies: internet laws, policies, and regulations, and government documents on development strategies pertaining to digital economy.