A short history of India's CIRP proposal


In 'Where did the mysterious CIRP come from – A short alternative (almost sub-altern) account of its history' Parminder Jeet Singh, unpacks the politics of 'enhanced-coperation'. The article recounts the IT for Change's continued efforts towards a more inclusive debate on this topic at various internaional forums and the resistance put up by certain stakeholders from the global North to such steps being taken.

These stakeholders used various strategies to avoid any sincere discussion, and sought to redefine 'enhanced cooperation' to something completely antithetical to what had been agreed to consensually at the WSIS. Nevertheless, committed governments and organisations from the global South did make a concerted effort to re-look at Internet Governance through more democratic and equitable terms through the IBSA seminar on Global Internet Governance, and which culminated in the historic proposal by India to create a UN Committee for Internet-Related Policies.

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