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Prakriye - Centre for Community Informatics and Development (CCID)

Most community based ICTs for Development (ICTD) projects till date have been implants from outside and haven't been shaped or driven by grass-roots NGOs or community-based organisations, such as those of marginalised women's collectives. Our Field Centre, Prakriye (Centre for Community Informatics and Development) takes a bottom up approach, putting these development actors in the driving seat of exploring new techno-social possibilities that can strengthen and invigorate development, and further women's  political empowerment.  In particular, Prakriye's quest is to develop  contextually appropriate techno-social systems that can enable in strengthening marginalised women's engagement with local governance institutions and systems, from a rights  and citizenship based perspective.

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Current Projects

Dhwanigalu - Learning Dialogues with Adolescent Girls at the Margins

kelu sakhiWith the support of South Asia Women’s Fund, Prakriye field centre initiated a year-long capacity-building programme for strengthening the agency, autonomy and leadership of 85 adolescent girls in rural Mysore, in March 2016. This training module effectively combines traditional and technology-mediated learning methodologies such as digital story telling, photo-essays, role-plays, simulation exercises and debates, to trigger learning dialogues at the grassroots. Since August 2016, faculty and students of Visual Communication from the SRISHTI Institute of Art, Design and Technology are collaborating in this process. Read more.

Namma Mahiti Kendras (Our Information Centres)

Prakriye's information centre strategy has focused on partnering with women’s collectives to build vibrant civic-public spaces.From operating 2 ICT-enabled centres covering 10 villages in 2005, we have grown to 7 information centres covering 40 villages of Hunsur and H.D.Kote blocks of Mysuru. Each information centre caters to four to five villages in its area, and is engaged in public information outreach, providing assistance to members of marginalised socio-economic groups in filing entitlement applications, and citizenship education. Young women information intermediaries deploy a range of techno-social strategies in their work – mobile phone-based informational networking through an Open Source Interactive Voice Response (IVR), participatory informational video production, MIS-based tracking of entitlement applications and video-based peer learning methods. Watch a film on our infocentres.

Past Projects

Making Women's Voices and Votes Count

kelu sakhiMaking Women's Voices and Votes Count was a two-year project initiated in January 2013, by IT for Change (Karnataka), Kutch Mahila Vikas Sangathan and Area Networking and Development Initiatives (Gujarat). The project aimed at building a women's political constituency and enhancing the capacities of Elected Women Representatives (EWRs) in local governance institutions to effectively engage with formal and informal political structures, in two sites in Gujarat and one site in Karnataka. In specific, the three partnering organisations worked towards enabling the networking of EWRs, and building linkages between EWRs and marginalised women's collectives; and their efforts were supported by UN Women and the National Mission for Empowerment of Women.

Mahiti Manthana - Working with rural women's collectives

kelu sakhiMahiti Manthana was a joint initiative of Prakriye and Mahila Samakhya Karnataka, undertaken between 2005 and 2009. Since its inception in 2005, the project primarily aimed at exploring the possibilities offered by community informatics practice, for strengthening the empowerment processes of marginalised women's collectives (locally known as sanghas) formed under the Mahila Samakhya programme of the Government of India, in three blocks (taluks) of Mysore district: Hunsur, H.D. Kote and Nanjangud.


Women-gov (2012-2014) was a feminist action-research project supported by the International Development Research Centre (IDRC), that aimed at enhancing marginalised women's active citizenship and their engagement with local governance, across three sites in India, Brazil and South Africa. The partnering organisations were IT for Change in India,Instituto Nupef in Brazil and the New Women's Movement in South Africa.

At each of the three sites, the project aimed towards developing a sustainable techno-social intervention model for enabling marginalised women's collectives to enhance their active engagement with governance structures and the collective articulation and negotiation of their interests; and building peer-to-peer networks for increasing their political participation.


Kishori Chitrapata - Working with rural adolescent girls

In July 2009, Prakriye, in partnership with Mahila Samakhya Karnataka, UNICEF and Sarva Shikshana Abhiyan (Karnataka) launched the Kishori Chitrapata project.

The project explored the innovative use of ICTs, in particular videos and photos, to address the learning needs of out-of-school adolescent girls through empowering constructivist learning processes. For more details on the goals and methodology of the project, as well as the impacts and the lessons learned, click here.

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