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Technology governance

'The Potential of Open Development for Canada and Abroad'

On May 5th, 2010, Anita Gurumurthy represented IT for Change at the IDRC Public Panel on 'The Potential of Open Development for Canada and Abroad'. The event held in Ottawa, Canada, was a panel discussion on issues such as unequal access to technology, threats to privacy, and intellectual property rights. Panelists examined the possibilities of 'openness' that new technologies bring in for development and proposed ways to manage the potential risks while harnessing the opportunities for collective social benefit.


Internet Access as a Right – a Response to an Article in New York Times

This is a response to Vinton G. Cerf's article on 'Internet Access is Not a Human Right'

Two (very different) kinds of people have opposed terming access to the Internet as a human right. One category is of technology/ Internet-enthusiasts who otherwise argue so much about how the Internet has fundamentally transformed the world and so on. The other kind are among those who work with issues of development and poverty and find it a bit far-fetched to speak of the Internet as a right given the present socio-economic scenario they witness around them. It is very important to see that the 'objections' of these two groups are of a very different nature.


OpenNet Initiative (ONI) Global Summit in Ottawa

Gurumurthy Kasinathan participated in the OpenNet Initiative (ONI) 2010 Global Summit on “Should Cyberspace be Secured as an Open Commons?”, on June 30 at Ottawa. This event featured three high-level panels of experts and practitioners on prominent topics related to cyberspace governance, security, and advocacy.

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