Development and Democracy


This paper was a contribution to the deliberations of the Task Force on Financial Mechanisms set up under the process for the World summit on the information society (WSIS). It is a summary of insights emerging from a study of 3 large scale ICT4D initiatives in India. It discusses issues relevant to financial mechanisms from…


IT for Change, in collaboration with Mahiti and the Public Affairs Centre, organised a workshop on 'Advocacy in the Internet age – Exploring ways forward for the civil society' held on 27-30 January 2001 in Bengaluru (India).

The aim of the workshop was to organise an interactive forum of South Asian civil society…

Jointly organised by IT for Change and Manipal Centre for Philosophy and Humanities

Dates – Jan 31st to Feb 2nd, 2014

Venue – Manipal University, Manipal

The discontinuities of the network…

On 20th July, 2013, Parminder Jeet Singh drafted a position paper reflecting on the current nature of e-governance schemes upon sampling and studying recent developments in the area, where he posits that the increasing role of ICTs in governance is resulting in a de facto…


ICTs for empowerment and social transformation


A brief exploration of the field

In May, 2013 IT for Change was approached by the global NGO Action Aid to generate think pieces on the subject of the role of ICTs in development. After a month of online discussion involving ActionAid staff and some outside experts on the subject of 'progressive engagement with ICTD', IT for Change submitted an initial draft…


Information and networks for community-based strategies towards empowerment: The case of Kutch Nav Nirman Abhiyan

Short Description: The Kutch Nav Nirman Abhiyan ( has managed a fine balance between the twin imperatives of standardisation and contextualisation that any large scale developmental…


Ensuring right to food through process computerisation: The case of Chhattisgarh's Public Distribution System

Short description: Since 2004, Chhattisgarh has been investing in measures to revive the Public Distribution System (PDS) in the state, including measures that involve ICTs. Right now,Chhattisgarh has become one of the model…


Digital systems for effective grievance redressal: The case of Lokvani

Short description: Lokvani ( is an e-governance initiative that attempts to reduce citizens' travel to government offices for accessing information, entitlement processing and grievance redressal.


ICT-enabled decentralisation: The Ente Gramam and e-krishi projects of the Kerala State IT Mission

Short Description: Ente Gramam is a project of the Kerala State IT Mission under which community web portals, with contextually appropriate, locally generated content, have been developed in over 100 Gram Panchayats and 10…