Data, the Global South and the NHS: Risks From New Digital Trade Rules

Digital trade rules
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Trade Justice Movement

The global trade in data now outstrips trade in goods, and data is widely understood as a valuable raw material. Importantly, it is a raw material that we all create, through our lives and work, yet most of us - including public bodies like the NHS and communities in the Global South - are capturing little if any value from our data output. Instead, this value (estimated at £10 billion a year just for NHS patient data) is at risk of being accumulated in a small number of very deep, private pockets.

IT for Change's Parminder Jeet Singh, along with Annemarie Naylor from Future Care Capital, spoke at a webinar organised by the Trade Justice Movement, examining the economic justice aspects of digital trade, laying out what's at stake, and how problematic digital rules in trade deals could cement economic inequality.