Governing Body

Srilatha Batliwala


Srilatha Batliwala is Director, Knowledge Building and Feminist Leadership with CREA, an international feminist organisation based in Delhi that works on gender, sexuality and rights. Her life’s work has bridged the worlds of theory and practice. She is widely known for her work in building grassroots women’s movements, and for her writings on women’s empowerment, women’s movements and feminist leadership. She is currently engaged mainly in building the capacity of young women activists around the world, and in creating accessible knowledge products that provide conceptual clarity on critical issues for activists. She serves on the Boards of several international and Indian organisations, and as an adviser to several others.

Geetha Narayanan


Geetha is the Founder-Director of the Srishti School of Art Design and Technology and its sister institution, the Mallya Aditi International School. She has dedicated her life to finding and establishing new models of educational institutions that are creative, synergistic and original in their approach to learning. An administrator, researcher, teacher and facilitator, she has pioneered many courses and projects that examine a wide variety of needs, social and educational. Geetha is the author and principal investigator of Project Vision, an international research initiative that is looking at the development of appropriate instructional strategies and technology-related tools that foster creative cognitive architectures in young children from urban poor communities.

Padma M. Sarangapani


Padma M. Sarangapani is Professor of Education, and Chairperson of the Centre for Education, Innovation and Action Research, TISS, Mumbai. Her research interests include teacher education, elementary education curriculum and pedagogy. She was involved in the development of the B.El.Ed. Programme Delhi University and the MA Education (Elementary) programme now offered by the TISS, Mumbai. She has been involved in field action projects and worked with the government in the Yashpal Committee, the steering committee of the National Curriculum Framework 2005, and  the National Council of Teacher Education (2013-2015). She is currently project director of the Connected Learning Initiative (CLIx) (2015-ongoing involving use of technology in high school science and mathematics education and teacher professional development.