Workshop on ICT Integrated Pedagogy, Ramanujan college - University of Delhi

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Ramanujan college, University of Delhi
Organiser details

Teaching Learning Centre of Ramanujan College, University of Delhi 

The Teaching Learning Centre of Ramanujan College organized a seven day Faculty Development Programme on “Skill based Teacher’s Training in ICT, IPR and Research” to enhance the skill set of the teaching fraternity from 5 March 2018 to 11 March 2018. IT for Change  conducted sessions on 9 and 10 March on ICT integration in education.

Workshop objectives

  1. Learning how to use ICT to create text resources (concept map)
  2. Learning how to use ICT to create image and animation resources
  3. Learning how to use ICT to create video resources
  4. Publishing resources

ITfC conducted training for the college faculty on Learning Management System (Moodle), Concept mapping (using Freeplane) and video resource creation (using Kazam). Participants enjoyed the workshop immensely.

"Thanks a lot Sir for a great session. The participants really learnt a lot including us. I particularly like the Freeplane and Kazam technologies demonstrated. Thanks really for your support. Looking forward to future associations"

- Prof Bhavya Ahuja, Ramanujan College

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