Annual Report 2021-2022

Dominant approaches to digital technologies are steeped in ideologies of market fundamentalism, and have displaced the cornerstone ethics of participation, social justice, and gender equality.

At IT for Change, we believe that progressive development sector actors must come together to influence the techno-social structures that are redefining our societies. We seek to build bridges across different sectors to strive towards a digital society that is equitable.

Our work, straddling Data and Artificial Intelligence (AI), Big Tech and Digital Economy, the Digital Public Sphere, Feminist Digitality, Education and Technology, and more, pushes the boundaries of theory and practice to explore new horizons for development justice.

In the year 2021-2022, we continued to further the digital justice agenda at global and local levels, throwing ourselves into an ever-growing roster of research projects and initiatives, engaging with emerging focus areas, and forging new partnerships, while strengthening old ones. We also continued to grow our impact in the developmental sector by influencing techno-social changes and policymaking in our thematic areas of work, moving towards supporting inclusive, egalitarian, and just policy frameworks — from the grassroots to the highest echelons of international rule-making.

We were also part of key flashpoint victories, campaigns that we led or threw our weight behind. We also saw the rewards of years of work galvanize into global agendas, gaining wider traction. Across these endeavors, we recognize that our work strengthens and is strengthened by the energies of a larger set of actors, feeding into instances of impact.

We capture in our annual report for the year 2021-22, the high notes of these efforts. We have distilled innumerable hours of knowledge production, field work, community engagement, and local-to-global advocacy undertaken by the 50+ members of the IT for Change team into a short reflective narrative.

Read the Annual Report 2021-2022 here.


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