Born Digital, Born Free? A Socio-Legal Study on Young Women’s Experiences of Online Violence in South India

Digital technologies have generated unprecedented ways of being and doing, dramatically changing the social and economic order. Recoding human subjectivity and social interactions, they recast power relationships. Gender relations are centrally implicated in this shift to a networked sociality where the online and offline must be understood as non-dichotomous. This research study {as part of our Righting Gender Wrongs Project}. examined how the born-digital generation of young female adults – who live their lives in the crisscrossing of the real-digital –  grapple with the challenges of navigating digital space in the face of cyberviolence. Through a survivor-centred, feminist approach, it sought to unpack the fluidity between human subjectivity, social ideologies, legal norms, institutional rules and digital networks. An executive summary of the report can be found here.

This paper has been co-authored by Amrita Vasudevan and Nandini Chami. 

Read the full report here

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