Born Digital, Born Free? A Socio-Legal Study on Young Women's Experiences of Cyberviolence in South India

Between 2018-19, with support from the Web Foundation, IT for Change implemented the Righting Gender Wrongs project, an exploratory socio-legal research on gender-based cyberviolence across six sites of study in India, covering the states of Kerala, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. Through a range of research methods -- self administered surveys with over 800 college students between the ages of 19-23, key informant interviews with law enforcement officials, women’s rights lawyers and activists, family court lawyers, counselors, digital rights activists; and focus group discussions with young men and women in colleges -- the study mapped experiences of cyberviolence among women of the 'born-digital generation' and the effectiveness of prevailing legal-institutional responses to the issue. 

On 27 August 2019, IT for Change and the Indian Police Foundation, with support from UN Women and the Web Foundation, organized a Strategy Meeting on a Systemic Response to Gender-based Cyberviolence in New Delhi, to table the findings from the research study and catalyse a vibrant dialogue on responding to the issue from a rights-based perspective. The  Strategy Meeting brought together a range of stakeholders: government representatives, women lawyers, women's rights organisations, groups working on masculinity and sexual rights, law enforcement officials, members of ICCs, platform companies and women in the media.

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