Charter of Feminist Demands from the Global South: A Global Digital Compact for Gender Equality

IT for Change and Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung (FES) joined forces in 2022 to facilitate a series of discussions across the Global South with a goal to create feminist visions for our shared digital future. With the Asia Pacific Forum on Women, Law and Development, the Access to Knowledge for Development Center, Research ICT Africa, and FES’ Regional Trade Union Programme as partners, almost 100 feminist scholars, practitioners, activists, and civil society representatives participated in shaping a normative direction for digital transformation. Their insights are crystallized in a charter of feminist demands from the Global South, urging the UN Global Digital Compact to prioritize state and corporate accountability for protecting women’s human rights in the digital age, creating a socially just digital transition, and commoning internet and data resources. Grounded in foundational feminist principles of openness, freedom, and security, this charter paves the way for a more equitable and just future.

Read the full charter here and endorse our vision for a gender just future

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