How do actors cope with Internet governance complexity? (Day 2, Geneva Internet Conference)

At the Geneva Internet conference that took place in mid November 2014, Parminder Jeet Singh was on a panel which included

  • Robert E. Kahn, CEO and President, Corporation for National Research Initiatives (one of the fathers of the internet).
  • Hon. Helena Dalli, Minister for Social Dialogue, Consumer Affairs and Civil Liberties, Malta.
  • Richard Samans, Managing Director and Member of the Managing Board, World Economic Forum.
  • Marilia Maciel, Researcher and Coordinator, Center for Technology and Society, FGV Brazil.

The panel address the question the question - How do actors cope with Internet governance complexity?. Parminder discusses how different governments address IG related challenges. He also tackles some issues related to the Net Mundial Initiative. Please find the link to the panel video here.

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