Human Rights Impact of Social Media Platforms

Human Rights Impact of Social Media Platforms
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United Nations Human Rights Special Procedures, International Labour Organization, Business and Human Rights Asia, UNDP.

Nandini Chami will be participating in a panel at the 2nd United Nations South Asia Forum on Business and Human Rights, titled, "Human Rights Impact of Social Media Platforms". She will provide insights into the engagements of social media companies in India from the perspective of issues of internet governance, gender and digital justice.

Other panellists include:

  1. Chloe Poynton, Co-Founder and Principal, Article One
  2. Torsha Sarkar, Researcher, Centre for Internet and Society
  3. Miranda Sissons, Facebook, Human Rights Director

The session will be moderated by Sonakshi Kapoor, Attorney, Triano & Byrne.

Watch the full session here.

More details on the session here.