FES in Asia and WIDE+ Webinar on Feminist Perspectives on the Digital Economy in Asia

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FES in Asia and WIDE+

IT for Change's Anita Gurumurthy will be part of a webinar hosted by FES in Asia and WIDE+. Titled 'The Digital Economy in Asia: Feminist Perspectives', the webinar will explore feminist perspectives on how the Fourth Industrial Revolution is impacting the present and future of women's work in Asian economies. In specific, it will focus on the gender digital divide and implications of platformisation and automation of value chains on women's work and livelihoods in Asia as well as future priorities for feminist recommendations in the region.

Other speakers at the webinar include Payal Arora, Professor and Chair in Technology, Values, and Global Media Cultures at Erasmus University Rotterdam; Anbita Nadine Siregar, founder of Yayasan Generasi Maju Berkarya (Generation Girl), an Indonesian-based non-profit organization that provides young girls with both technical and soft skills to become future leaders; and Verna Dinah Viajar, Senior Lecturer School of Labor and Industrial Relations (SOLAIR), University of the Philippines

The panel will be moderated by Farzana Nawaz, Labour rights expert working in South and South-East Asia.

Details on registration can be found here.