Workshop for Teacher Educators from Colleges of Teacher Education, Bengaluru

Workshop for teacher educators of Collegef Teacher Education, Bengaluru
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Vijaya Teachers College, Jayanagar, Bengaluru
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IT for Change and Vijaya Teachers College

ITfC designed and conducted the second workshop for Bengaluru Teacher Education Colleges faculty (B.Ed. program) from 24 - 28.

In the workshop, teacher educators from six colleges of teacher education in Bengaluru, learnt to use the Learning Management System Moodle as students and as faculty. They learnt to use the spreadsheet application LibreOffice Calc for statistical analyses (using data-pivot to create multi-variate tables, and functions like standard deviation etc). They also read and presented readings on ICT and society and ICT and education, such as 'Filter Bubble' (Eli Pariser), Manuel Castells etc.
We covered the Moodle LMS, Spreadsheet for research (pivot table + statistical formulae), Video resources creation/editing and Readings on IS (Castells interview, Filter bubble).

Vijaya Teachers College has proposed to implement the Moodle LMS platform from next semester and their faculty will use it to support blended learning for all courses. They will also transact the 'ICT mediation in teaching' course for their students with ITfC support.

Course available on ITfC  Moodle installation -