Webinar on 16 Years of IGF Evolution and Strengthening

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Facilitated by MAG Chair in collaboration with the MAG Working Group on IGF Strategy and Strengthening

Internet Governance Forum

Parminder Singh will be talking at the IGF Webinar: 16 Years of IGF Evolution and Strengthening – Taking Stock and Looking Forward organized by MAG Chair in collaboration with the MAG Working Group on IGF Strategy and Strengthening.

This interactive moderated panel looked back and took stock of how the IGF has evolved and what its key achievements have been; reflecting on the current and future internet governance ecosystem and the IGF’s role in this ecosystem, particularly in the context of ‘digital cooperation’ and the UN-Secretary General’s proposed ‘global digital compact’. The panel considered the role the IGF has and can play in inclusive internet governance, both through the further development of the multistakeholder approach and through closer engagement with multilateral processes. Finally, the session considered what is meant by the idea of a “stronger, more focused and impactful IGF” and proposed specific steps to be taken to establish a stronger, more strategic IGF that operates on the basis of a multi-year plan working to the goal of the idea of an “IGF plus” with the institutional capacity, leadership, and oversight needed to see it through the renewal of its mandate in 2025 and beyond.

Moderators: Anriette Esterhuysen, MAG chair and William Drake, Columbia University, former MAG and WGIG member.

Parminder spoke about the present dynamics of IGF, other panelists in the session were

    Fiona Alexander – past MAG member and previously with the NTIA and member of MAG WG strategy -
    Flavio Wagner - past MAG member and member of MAG WG-strategy
    Esteve Sanz, Head of Sector EC - member of MAG WG-strategy (gov)

Find out more about the event here.

You can view the recording of the event here.