C20 Policy Dialogue Forum

C20 Policy Dialogue Forum
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Civil 20

Civil-20 or C20 is an official G20 Engagement group where its presence would ensure the G20 leaders listen to peoples’ voices with the aim of protecting the environment and promoting social and economic development, human rights, and the principle of leaving no one behind.

To achieve the goals and to strengthen the role of C20 in delivering the peoples’ voices inclusively, C20 Indonesia will hold a Policy Dialogue Forum on 26-28 July 2022 in hybrid mode. The aim of this event is to ensure a transparent, inclusive, and democratic dialogue space between the C20 and the G20 Working Groups in order to accommodate the recommendations of civil society as a commitment of the G20 Leaders.

Parminder Singh is one of the 10 representatives from each C20 Working Group invited to have a face-to-face dialogue with G20 Working Group on C20 policy recommendations which can be delivered as G20 Leaders’ commitments for more inclusive global policies.


Civil20 (C20) is a forum for CSO around the world to bring people’s voices and agendas to the G20 Leaders. They organize, consolidate, and stand up for the sustainability of our planet, social equity, and economic justice. C20 has seven working groups, one of which is The Education, Digitalization, and Civic Space Working Group (EDCWG) — and is coordinated by Imelda Usnadibrata (Save the Children Indonesia) and co-coordinated by Parminder (IT for Change).