Global Innovation Coop Summit

Global Innovation Coop Summit
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Anita Gurumurthy participated at a session titled “Digital transition - Cooperative platforms have a future!” on 27 September 2022. The session was conducted as part of the Global Innovation Coop Summit at 1.00 pm IST. Speakers at the session analyzed the need and role of collaborative platforms in the context of the cooperative world.

Collaborative platforms are rapidly replacing traditional modes of interaction such as email and physical meetings. In the cooperative world, there are three different platform models: the North American one, which wants to compete with and overtake the multinationals; the European model which claims that we have to invent something else; and the platforms of the countries of the South with their specificities. What type of platform can best support the transition from working together via digital? Is there a need to invent another model? Speakers at the session explored these questions and much more.

The other speakers who participated in the session include Hanan El-Youssef, Lead Strategist, Movement Strategy at Wikimedia Foundation; and Alexandre Bigot-Verdier, Executive director Pop Café. The discussion was moderated by Nicole Alix, President of the Coop des communs.

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