Virtual Learning Call on Non-Personal Data

Virtual Learning Call on Non-Personal Data
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Parminder Jeet Singh will be speaking at a virtual learning call on non-personal data (NPD) hosted by on September 19 at 4.30 pm IST. The learning call has been organized to discuss certain pressing issues related to NPD governance in India, the developments so far, and the way forward.

The call will focus on the following issues:

1. The current classification of NPD vis-a-vis Personal Data and the role of anonymization and risks arising out of shortcomings of anonymization.

2. The consent model to be adopted for collection, use, and sharing of sensitive non-person data, i.e., anonymized non-personal data. As the existing model suggested by the Joint Parliamentary Committee Report has several shortcomings in the context of widespread sharing of Non-personal Data suggested by the Committee Report.

3. Adoption of safeguards for the use of Non-personal Data by the Government for various purposes like policymaking, security of the state, public interest, among other things.

4. Role of a regulatory authority and if the regulatory authority for Non-personal Data and Personal Data should be the same as suggested by the Joint Parliamentary Committee Report on Personal Data Bill, 2019.

5. Community NPD has collective privacy harms associated with it, such as profiling, targeting, discriminatory activities, among other things. How does this affect privacy rights of marginalized and vulnerable groups on community and individual levels?

Along with Parminder, Astha Kapoor, co-founder of Aapti Institute, will be sharing her insights at the learning call.

To take part in the learning call, click here.