Governing Data for Global Flows and Exchanges for Digital Trade

Governing Data for Global Flows and Exchanges for Digital Trade
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Parminder Jeet Singh has been invited to a working session titled “Governing Data for Global Flows and Exchanges for Digital Trade” organized by ITfC, The South Centre, and the Transnational Institute on 30 September as part of the 2022 WTO Public Forum. The session will be held at 9.00 pm IST.

Data being a digital society’s key resource, there is no gainsaying the importance of its effective governance. However, beyond privacy issues, data governance remains poorly developed. Allocating appropriate rights and responsibilities for economic value and use of data can ensure its most productive as well as fair use. The consent and participation in data use of people and communities who are the subjects of data would ensure the best use of our often finite resources. Governing data as an economic resource has to take place in conjunction with data’s other social, cultural and political roles in the society. UNCTAD’s 2021 Digital Economy Report called for a holistic Global Data Governance Framework. Such a framework should then inform global digital trade, ensuring a digital economy that is most productive and fair, globally, and within nations. This session would discuss the why, what, and how of a global data governance framework.

The other speakers at the session include Pilar Fajarnes Garces, Chief of Digital Economy Policy Research, United Nations Conference on Trade and Development; and Sofia Scasserra, Associate Researcher, Transnational Institute. The session will be moderated by Vahini Naidu, Program Coordinator, The South Center.

You can view the recording of the session here.