Will UK-India Trade Deal Hinder Sustainable Development?

Will UK-India trade deal hinder sustainable development?
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Parminder Jeet Singh was invited to take part in the workshop, ‘Will UK-India trade deal hinder sustainable development?’ organized by Bond and the Trade Justice Movement on 1 February 2023.

One of the touted benefits of the UK’s exit from the European Union is its ability to strike trade deals independently of the EU. The UK has since agreed FTAs with Australia and New Zealand, and is currently in negotiations with multiple other trading partners including India. Negotiations between the UK and India started in January 2022 and there have since been six rounds of discussions.

Speakers at this workshop discussed some of the ways by which a deal between India and the UK could have direct implications for a number of areas important to sustainable development such as health, climate change, gender and digital rights.

Besides Parminder, George Holt (Trade Justice Movement), Nick Dearden (Global Justice Now), Ranja Sengupta (Senior Researcher, Third World Network), and Andrew Griffiths (Head of Advocacy at Sightsavers and Bond SDGs work group co-chair) participated in the workshop.