Multistakeholderism and the UN 2.0

Multistakeholderism and the UN 2.0
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Global governance stands at a pivotal moment with the rise of “UN 2.0” and heightened decision-making roles for transnational corporations (TNCs). This has sparked concerns about the future role of developing nations. On September 7, our Executive Director, Anita Gurumurthy, took part in a hybrid discussion addressing "Multistakeholderism and the UN 2.0: Challenges and Alternatives for Developing Countries."

Historically, TNCs have swayed the UN's direction, and they're now nearing an even greater presence within its structures. This shift could challenge the sovereignty of developing nations. Many global advocates caution against this 'corporate capture' of the UN, pressing for true democratic solutions. The emergence of multistakeholderism is viewed by some as governance outsourcing to TNCs, which might dilute the influence of developing countries in safeguarding global resources. For an in-depth analysis, read this paper. 

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