Unpacking Gendered Disinformation in India: Deepening Understanding and Exploring Countermeasures

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Goa, India

IT for Change's Malavika Rajakumar participated in an Experts Meeting on "Unpacking Gendered Disinformation in India: Deepening Understanding and Exploring Countermeasures" organized by Association for Progressive Communications between the 9-10 April 2024 in Goa, India.

The event addressed themes of on-going trends and disinformation narratives in the context of upcoming general elections; actors, targets and platforms; use of deep fakes and other tech in spread of disinformation. It also addressed institutional responses to disinformation by state, election commission, judiciary, National Commission for Women and other bodies; role of mainstream media in spread of disinformation; and private sector response. It considered a range of countermeasures such as fact-checking, tech-based solutions, capacity building, community engagement, and legal aid. Malavika's contributions involved discussions on the effectiveness, challenges, opportunities, and needs associated with various ongoing countermeasures against disinformation and identity-based disinformation. These discussions specifically focused on online monitoring and research, as well as engagement with the private sector.

Learn more about the event here.