AI, Regulation, and the Environment: Pathways to a Sustainable Planet

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The Secretariat for the Brazilian-German Digital Dialogue hosted a panel discussion on the topic, ‘AI, Regulation, and the Environment: Pathways to a Sustainable Planet’ on 10 July 2024 at 2 PM CEST/5.30 PM IST. The event was organized in partnership with the G20 engagement groups for Business (B20) and Think Thanks (T20).

Stakeholders from the private sector, civil society, and academia discussed approaches and challenges of aligning artificial intelligence (AI) with environmental sustainability.

The main objectives of the discussion included:

1. Raise awareness of the environmental impact of AI and the initiatives businesses and governments can take to support a green transition for the AI chain.

2. Debate the role of international collaboration to achieve interoperability of regulatory standards that guides sustainable technological development.

3. Facilitate connections between different stakeholder groups and promote consensus on the basic guidelines for the development of environmentally sustainable AI.

Our Executive Director, Anita Gurumurthy, was invited to take part in the discussion, exploring the challenges and opportunities of AI regulation in supporting the green transition.

Anita underscored the multifaceted challenges posed by extractivism of natural resources, the exploitation of Indigenous people, and the convergence between financialization and datafication, emphasizing the necessity for global cooperation, legal frameworks, and sustainable alternatives in both policy and technology development vis-à-vis AI.

Watch the recording of the session here and know more about the event here.